How we work

with Talents

We are hiring for clients in

financial & FinTech sector.

Our goal is to help find the environment
that you are looking for.

We can talk short projects or

long-term employment.
Man-days or monthly salary with all benefits.
All depends on what will meet
your expectations.

We are flexible, nice and honest.

We expect the same from you.

We believe this is the best way to work together.

Each time we will be walking you through all the steps of the process and in the end we will provide you with the results and our recommendations

You choose

the right model

You are the one to choose if you prefer to stay open for short and mid-term projects or if you desire to settle in one environment for longer.

Steps of

the process

Amount of recruitment meetings and calls is limited to the necessary minimum.

We value your time and more importantly, 

your preferences.


If you will choose project path,

we will be in touch to find

new challenge for you

before you finish previous one.

If you will choose

permanent employment,

we will make sure that you found the place

that you were looking for. 

Or simply contact our Talent Team 
if you still have some questions: 

Talk with our HR

Verification of seniority level

Feedback and suggestions 

Matching profile with adequate project

Monitoring of satisfaction

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